The condor has many interesting facts about itself. The condor has interesting characteristics, adaptations, habitat and dangers. The condor's population has decreased rapidly in the past century. I will now tell you about the characteristics of a condor.


The condors have many characteristics and uses them to help it survive. Here are some characteristics that I have found for you. The condor has 10 feet wing span and its head color is either white,reddish purple or even both! The condor has thick black feathers,but not every where, the condor also has white feathers under it's wings and body. The condor also grows up to 45 to 50 inches.( that's the size of an average fourth grader)! The condor has many characteristics to help itself in many ways.
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This was a rescue of a baby condor.
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The condor is one of the strongest birds on the planet. But dangers come to all living things. One danger is that humans make cites or homes in the woods or forests, condors will lose their habitat. Another danger is all the chemicals in the air the condor breaths it in and gets sick. The condor has many dangers.


The condor is a large bird so that means it needs a lot of space to have it's natural habitat. The condor lives in many places such as Canada, Mexico, Florida, California and southern South America.The condor lives in these places but their real homes are forests, jungles, caves and mountains. Condors also prefers large areas with trees. The condor has many interesting facts about its habitats.


The condor has made many interesting and disturbing adaptations in the past lifetime. Here are a few adaptations of the condor. Like the giraffe, the condor has grown a long, flabby neck to eat the inside of the carcass without getting infected. The condor has also grown strong wings to fly 100s of miles searching for food, while flying, the condor uses their strong eyesight to spot small prey such as small birds and mice. The last and most disturbing adaptation is condors use their urine to clean and disinfect their legs while eating the carcass. The condor has grown many interesting and disturbing adaptations in the past lifetime.

Fun facts

A condor can live up to 55 to 60 years

A condor can fly up to 55 miles per hour
A condor can weight 17 to 29 pounds
It can take up to a week for a California condor chick to hatch out of its egg.
A condor can eat 4 pounds of food at once
Chicks are born with their eyes open
The condor's scientific name is Vultur Gryphus and Gymnogyps Califortnianus.