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Solar Energy Project

What are some energy sources that we use?

When we use electricity, we are using a type of power source. There are many types of electricity power sources. Here are some energy sources that we use today:

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  • Wind energy

  • Geothermal energy

  • Solar energy

  • Fossil Fuels

There are many more energy sources that you can use.

What kind of energy sources do we use to produce electricity?

There are many energy sources that we use to produce electricity.

The way we use Wind energy is that we use windmills to capture the wind when the blades start to spin. The spinning turns a generator which produces energy for your homes. The blades are extremely sharp and long. The blades only spin when the wind is a specific pressure. If the wind pressure is too high, the blades will spin too fast and the turbine will brake. If the blades spin slowly, there will not be enough energy.

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The way we use Geothermal energy is we heat water into steam. Once it is turned to steam it spins a turbine which turns a generator. The generator produces energy for you home.

The way we use Solar energy is that thermal collectors use sunlight to warm water which heats homes.

The way we use Fossil Fuels is related to Geothermal energy. Fuels are burnt turning water into steam spinning a turbine.

What kind of energy is efficient for your community?

One efficient power source is Solar energy.

Here are some advantages

  • Solar energy heats homes and its good for cooking a delicious dinner.

  • Solar energy Is mainly a clean energy.external image How-it-works-2a_1_.gif

  • Solar energy takes a short progress.

  • Solar energy never dies out.

  • Solar energy is renewable.

  • Solar energy doesn't need many materials.

Here are some disadvantages:

  • Solar energy can be costly.

  • It is not always sunny.

  • If it is not sunny, you will need batteries or you will have to have stored power from past times and that is expensive.

  • Solar energy may let out harmful gasses.

Watch this video to learn more about solar energy