Emperor Penguins

Emperor Penguin Dangers

Leopard Seal

Emperor penguins can get attacked in
many ways. One predator is a leopard seal.
An emperor penguin can sense a predator
by smelling and looking. Emperor penguins huddle
when predators are coming. Some other types
of sharks are predators. When people harm emperor
penguins, there will be less ice.

Emperor Penguin Characteristics

There are many characteristics about emperor penguins.
An emperor penguin is the largest in the entire penguin
category. An average emperor penguin height is about 40 to 50
inches. An emperor is best known as the Aptenodytes Forsteri.
Emperor penguins are yellow, black, and white.

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Emperor Penguin Adaptations

Emperor penguins have to try to survive. Emperor
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can harm emperor penguins by 70°F (60°C).Penguins eat fish, squid, and krill.
Some speicies can remain underwater for about
18 minutes to hunt animals to a depth of about
1,760 feet underwater. When it is extremely cold
the penguins start to huddle. Females lay
a single egg and leave it. The emperors carry
their eggs on their feet.

Emperor Penguin Habitat

Emperor penguins live in many different families.
Some emperor penguins live up to 50 years of
external image th?id=H.4534386997986223&pid=1.7&w=250&h=173&c=7&rs=1Temperaturatures can harm the penguins
and make them go away from their homes.
An emperor's nest is breed on sea.

Fun Facts

1. Emperor penguins are flightless wherever they are.
2. They can take a big hunt that can last about 2 months.
3. The emperor penguins live on the ice of Antarctica.
4. They take turns moving to protect the interior.
5. The emperor penguin is distinguished from the King


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