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Giant Pandas


Over the years Giant Pandas have adapted to their enviorment.
One adaptation is that the female panda can only give birth during
a 72 hour time period once a year. Another adaptation of the Giant
Panda is their very strong jaws that help them chew bamboo. One
last adaptation is their sixth finger that helps them grip bamboo.
Giant Pandas have many adaptations.
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Giant Panda's have very unique characteristics. One characteristic is
their white, thick coat with black spots around their eyes. Another
characteristic is that they are the the only bears that eat bamboo.
One last characteristic is that Giant Pandas do not hibernate
because they need to maintain their body weight. They must consume
huge quantities of food every day.
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Giant Pandas have a certain habitat that has what they need to survive.
In their habitat you can find lots of bamboo because that is what they eat. Giant Pandas are sometimes found in hilly ravines at lower elevations, but populations are now being forced into the mountains. Bamboo is part of their habitat because bamboo is their food and they need 25 to 40 pounds a day. Giant Pandas love their habitats, but they are being forced into new places.
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Giant Pandas have many dangers in life. One of their dangers is that in large
areas of China's natural forest, the trees have been cleared for agriculture,
timber and firewood, to meet the human population. Another danger of the
Giant Panda is that livestock grazing can also degrade the Giant Panda
habitat, preventing trees and bamboo from regenerating. One last thing,
humans are Giant Pandas predators because they are cutting down bamboo,
ruining their habitats, and capturing them. Giant Pandas have many dangers
but they have tried to live through them.
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