Great white sharks


Sharks can live in under water caves because of there gills and because

of the little animals living in the cave so the shark wont starve and one more thing is

that it is a ideal place to hunt on incoming prey. The great white shark dose not live near the beach side because it needs a bigger space to hunt. Another reason the great white shark does not live near the beach side because it has to raise its young in a safe place like a cave or a coral reef.Sharks also live i coral reefs.One reason sharks live in coral reefs is because of the little and big animals living there so they could eat a lot mostly with out being bothered and they need a safe place to protect their young.



Sharks need teeth for a reason because the sharp teeth help the great white shark take down its pray.The teeth also help the great white shark to eat larger prey then its self and also to eat little fish.Great white sharks also need gills. One reason sharks need gills because they help the shark breath under water if sharks did not ave gills they would have to go to the surface to get air like dolphins and whales.Sharks have fins for many reason sharks need fins is so they could swiftly get through the water and catch its prey through.


One danger of a shark is that people keep on shark fining sharks then throwing them in to the water so they could die and other animals could feed on them.Another danger of the Great white shark is that sharks are eating other sharks,how their eating the great white shark is the sharks come in packs and eating the Great White shark and great white sharks can do the same.Another danger of a great white shark is killer whales, they are one of the only pretetors of the great

white shark.



Great White Sharks are so flexible because they don't have bones at all they only have a cartilage and that's the reason why Great White Sharks are so flexible.There's only 5 fins on a Great White Shark a Paired Petoral fin , the Paired Pelvic fin , One orTwo dorsal fin , the anal fin and the caudal fin.How Great White Sharks act is bad they lurk out of sight were most of the time can't be see land watch there prey.They attack by when the sun is low and look if anyone is young and alone then the attack happens.