Characteristics of a Jaguar

Jaguars make their territories in
different ways.One way is,
they scratch the trees and ground near or around their territories

then they roar really loud to scare other animals
who try to come in their territories.
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Jaguars love to swim.They will go in the water to catch their prey if they need to.
Jaguars rely on their strength to hunt
and catch their prey.They also use it to hunt their prey.
Jaguars are very sneaky when it .
comes to hunting and catching their prey.
Most jaguars stalk their prey to see where
it is going and what it is doing.

Food in a Jaguars Habitat

Jaguars have different meals in different places.
Jaguars eat alligators, turtles, deer and monkeys.
Jaguars always ambush their prey.They lived in south America
now they live in South and Central America. Jaguars are very strong animals
if they are cornered by humans they will attack humans if they have too.
jaguar eating
jaguar eating


Jaguars are endangered from humans because,
humans hunt jaguars for their skin. Smog problems make the grass die
which they need to hunt. Humans slash jaguars. We also have burned down their
homes. Jaguar habitats are being cleared. They have no choice but to eat humans now. Humans are a big problem to jaguars.
People kill jaguars for their skin.
People kill jaguars for their skin.

Adaptations of a Jaguar

Jaguars adapt in different ways.Jaguars have to adapt to different places because humans hunt them in
different places.They also have rose shaped spots all over them,this is a physical adaptation
to their environment. Jaguars have adapted to climbing when the forest floors are flooded,
this is a phyical adaptations.
Jaguar climbing
Jaguar climbing

Did you know?
  1. How much does an average jaguar weigh?
  2. How much does a female jaguar weigh?
  3. How much can a jaguar weigh up to?
  4. How long is a jaguars tail?
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