Leopards live in many different places around the world. Leopards live in Saharan Africa,India,China,Indochina,Pakistan, and Malaysia.
Leopards habitats are not getting taken over by humans. Leopards live with other leopards and different type of large cats such as panthers.
Those are some facts about leopards habitats that you now know!



Characteristics of leopards are very important for leopards to stay alive. Leopards have sharp teeth, whiskers like other cats, and are light tan.Leopards characteristics change when needed to,an example is when they are in danger from a predator. One physical characteristic is they run fast to escape from predators.Another physical characteristics is leopards claw at their predators if they really tick them off. Another physical characteristic is their spots, or rosettes, are circular in East Africa leopards, but square in Southern Africa. Leopards characteristics are very important to them.


Leopards face many dangers during there life. One danger is that they are being targeted for their skin and body parts for illegal trade. There are only about 30 left in India and they might be extinct some time later on. Leopards have big strong claws and teeth, they are capable of killing a person easily. The reason they do this is because people try to hurt them. These are some dangers leopards have to face.


Leopards have many adaptations to survive. Leopards can change their diet to fit in different habitats, they use this adaptation to survive. Leopards are black to blend in with tree shadows in the forest. They are also sandy colored to blend in with the desert sand, this helps them survive. Those are some adaptations of leopards.