What are energy sources?

Energy sources is a type of source made to power computers, ipods, ipads, etc. Energy sources are either renewable energy or nonrenewable energy.

These are some energy sources:
  • fossil fuels
  • wind energy
  • geothermal energy

Fossil Fuels

Dead plants and animals sink to the bottom of the ocean and layers of dirt and sand pile on top of them. This gives a lot of pressure to the dead animals and plant at the bottom of the pile. Then they turn into oil and we pump it up and use it to power our cars.
Wind Energy
When it's a windy day the wind hits the wind mill. Then the wind hits the turbine which turns the turbin which makes electricity.
Geothermal Energy
We put a tube with water in the Earth. The heat in the Earth's core turns the water to steam which turns the turbine which makes electricity.

Solar Energy

Our community should use solar energy. To make solar energy, the sun's protons hits the panel and the protons knock the electrons out of the way. When one electron gets knocked out of the way, the other ones fill in the empty space and this creates electricity.
external image solar-panel-diagram.gif


  • renewable
  • do not need generators
  • clean energy
  • does not take up too much space


  • cost a lot
  • if the sun does not shine then it will need batteries
  • one cell does not produce enough electricity to power anything