What is energy?

Energy is something that makes ipads, ipods, etc. work! Energy is either renewable or nonrenewable.

What Kinds of Energy Exist?
Geothermal energy
Solar energy
Wind energy
(These are just a few)

external image Geothermal_energy-Hellisheii_Power_Station-Power_station-Renewable_energy-Sustainable_energy.jpg1) Geothermal energy is made when water is pumped through a tube underneath the earth's surface and in between super hot rocks heated to 1,000 degrees celsius. Then the water turns into steam thus turning a turbine creating electricity!
external image solar-power-generator.jpg
2) Solar energy happens when the sun sends a positive current knocking electrons out of line so new electrons can come into line creating a system that happens very quickly, creating electricity!

external image wind%2Bpower.jpg
3) Wind energy happens when the wind blows through a wind mill turning a tubine, creating electricty!

external image Sources_of_Electricity_in_France_in_2006.PNG

Part two

Hydroelectric Energy and Why We Should Use it For Our Community

Hydroelectricity. At first, a dam collects tons of water in the reservoir. Then there is a small opening in the bottom of the dam where water rushes through, making a turbine connecting to a generator spin thus creating electricity!

external image img-hydro-animation.gif

Advantages to Hydroelectricity

  • renewable
  • can easily power generators
  • no greenhouse gas released
  • pollution free

Disadvantages to Hydroelectricity

  • dams effect communities
  • hurts aquatic life

Watch this video to learn how hydroelectricity works: Hydroelectric Energy [School Project]