Here are some types of energy sources:
The energy source we think we should use is solar energy.
Here is why:
Here are some advantages about solar energy:
  • Solar Energy is renewable
  • Solar Energy doesn't run out
  • A non-polluting energy
  • The amount of energy solar energy produces in one second is the amount of energy that a nuclear energy power plant can produce in one year.external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTDnB54Q4hhIc1hA7T4yzldF2Egwvmja0mnTNnpHE_iiYyZUWW0
  • The most powerful fuel on the planet is solar energy
Here are some disadvantages about solar energy:
  • 15-20% efficient
  • 15-20% of sunlight that strikes the solar panels turns into electricity
  • The sun isn't always out.
  • Costs a lot of money to store energy for nights and cloudy days
Here is a video about solar energy:
Solar panels pic.
Wind Energy Power Plant pic.
Nuclear Power Plant pic.
Oil pic.
Coal pic.
Gas pic.
Nuclear energy adv./disadv.
solar panels pic. (to the left)
national geographic
youtube video (top)