Northern elephant seals

Northern elephant seal habitat

Northern elephant seals fit into theirhabitat just as well as southern elephant seals.Northern elephant seals can be found in
Baja California and the eastern Pacific Ocean.
Male elephant seals or the "bull" migrates to either
Alaska or Columbia. Female elephant seals migrate
to as far as Hawaii.
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Northern Elephant Seal Adaptations
Northern elephant seals have similar adaptations to the Southern elephant seal but of course the
Southern elephant seal lives in Antarctica so
they have some similar adaptations.
Northern elephant seals can dive to over 1500 meters
and can stay submerged for up to two hours.
Most dives are about 30 minutes duration and of depths
between 300 and 800 meters . The seals can dive constantly while at sea,
spending about two minutes on the surface between dives. Just like
Southern elephant seals Northern elephant seals have a
torpedo shape body ,which accounts for their prowess in swimming and diving.
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Northern Elephant Seal Dangers
Just like Southern elephant seals
Northern elephant seals are endangered because
people have been hunting them down for their oils they contain in
their bodies. Also like Southern Elephant seals
Northern elephant seals have the same predator
Sharks and Killer whales.
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Northern Elephant Seal Characteristics

Both Northern and Southern elephant seals
have similar characteristics.
The whiskers on an elephant seal.
Apart from being used in the water to sense prey,
these whiskers are also used on land during interaction between the seals.
If a seal holds its whiskers forward, this is seen as an aggressive move by others.
In addition, in a fight between males or between a female and a male, the seals may try to bite at the whiskers of the opponent to bring about a retreat.
The black eyes of both a Northern and a Southern elephant seal are large and round to aid in light-gathering in the depths.
When on land, the elephant seal's pupil will contract to a small slit, and oily secretions will constantly wash over their eyes.
Because they have no tear-ducts, this moistening liquid will run down the sides of their faces leaving visible damp trails.
An additional characteristic of elephant seal eyes is that each eye can be opened and closed independently of the other.

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